We seek a core group of student leaders from a diverse array of public and private high schools to guide the development of our service learning and community service programming.


We are looking for student leaders with a passion for service and the needs of the city of New York.


Our committee will incorporate students from a spectrum of schools and communities throughout the city representing the interests of a wide population of volunteers .


Team members will have a unique opportunity to be a part of the creation of a non-profit geared towards students, from the ground up.



Students will work alongside our professional staff and service partners to create projects that are meaningful to high school students.



A civic education component geared specifically to high school students is also being discussed.


Students will learn first-hand the political, economic and operational challenges facing non-profits delivering services to under-served populations in New York City.



Students will help determine the workings of the committee itself and how face-to-face meetings and social media will be used in program development and recruitment.


Team members will organize service clubs and manage recruitment within their schools and communities.


Additional service hours and special commendation will be awarded to team members.


To apply for Student Leadership Team

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